Strip Kwik Qt

Strip Kwik Qt

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What it does

BioGuard® Strip-Kwik® removes oil and grease from any type filter. Proper filtration and chemical treatment are equally important in maintaining good swimming pool water. Body oils and suntan lotions, which collect in the pool filter, reduce the filter’s efficiency. Use of this product promotes better filtration, lengthens filter cycles, and reduces maintenance costs. This product should be used twice each season for residential pools and every six weeks in heavily-used pools and commercial pools


  • Removes grease and oil from filters
  • Keeps filter working at optimum performance
  • Recommended for sand and cartridge filters

Directions for Use

D.E. & Cartridge Filters

  1. Rinse the cartridge or element with a garden hose prior to applying product.
  2. Using a clean spray bottle with full strength product, evenly coat elements or cartridge.
  3. Wait 10 minutes, then using a garden hose thoroughly rinse for 5 minutes.


  1. Using a clean, plastic bucket, soak for 1 hour in a solution of 1 part Strip Kwik® to 3 parts water.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with garden hose before use.

Sand Filter

  1. Backwash filter.
  2. Turn off pump and pour the appropriate amount of product directly into the skimmer.
  3. Turn on pump long enough to allow product to move into the filter.
  4. Turn pump off and wait 1 hour.
  5. With the filter selector in backwash position, turn the pump on and backwash until waste water is clear.

Maintenance Dose for Sand Filters

  1. Remove any chlorine product from skimmer. If pool is equipped with a chemical feeder, this device should be turned off by closing the inlet valve prior to product addition.
  2. While the filter is backwashing, add 8 fluid ounces of Strip Kwik®directly into the skimmer.
    • Do not allow product to return to the pool.
  3. Continue to backwash until waste water is clear


  • pH >11.9
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, Mineral Springs® and saltwater systems
  • Do not use on filters for SoftSwim® or other biguanide systems