SpaGuard Spa Sentry (1 Quart)

Spa Sentry (pH correction)

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- Maintains stable and comfortable pH for 60 days in chlorine spas
- Softens spa water and protects equipment 
- Simplifies water balance 

SpaGuard Spa Sentry is an easy one step liquid for maintaining a stable, comfortable pH and softening your spa's water.  It makes balancing the water extremely simple, eliminating the need for many other water balancing treatments you may currently be using.

Controlling the pH of your spa's water is an important part of maintenance Spa Sentry not only establishes proper pH, but prevents pH from "drifting" so your spa and its equipment are protected.  At the same time, it softens the water by removing dissolved calcium, for a cleaner, more comfortable spa.  Spa Sentry enhances water clarity and help prevent stains from dissolved metals in fill water.  The result is a spa that is easier to maintain and enjoy. 

Product Dosage

- 1 quart (one bottle) per 300-500 gallons 


Important: The heater should be off before the addition of Spa Sentry.  The heater should remain off until all cloudiness has been cleared by filtration.  All additions of product should be made with spa water circulating. 

  1. Drain and clean the spa surface with SpaGuard Surface Cleaner.
  2. Clean filter with SpaGuard Filter Cleaner and Degreaser.
  3. Refill with fresh water.
  4. If Total Alkalinity is greater than 150 ppm and pH is higher than 7.6, use pH Decreaser to lower pH to 7.4.
  5. If fill water has calcium hardness less than 150 ppm, add 1 qt. of Spa Sentry per 300-500 gallons. Clean the filter after 24 hours. If the calcium hardness is greater than 150 ppm, add 2 qts. of Spa Sentry per 300-500 gallons.
  6. Add the first quart, wait 24 hours, clean filter, add the second quart. The water will become cloudy upon addition. This is calcium precipitation.
  7. As the filter removes the calcium, rinse frequently. When the water is clear, you may turn on the heater.


-Phosphate Buffer(as KH2 PO4/K2HP04): 36.3%
-Inert Ingredients: 63.7%