BioGuard Smart Shield (1 Quart)

Smart Shield

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- Great for warming a pool up without a solar blanket
- Preserves water temperature 
- Conserves water lost to evaporation 

BioGuard Smart Shield forms an ultra thin, invisible barrier on the surface of your pool to reduce evaporation. Limiting evaporation conserves pool water and preserves heat. Regular use of Smart Shield will extend the swim season without the hassle of traditional solar blankets.  This long-lasting formula works up to 30 days after application. 

Product Dosage

8 fl oz per 15,000 gal of water


  1. Shake bottle before using
  2. With pump running add 8 fl oz per 15,000 gal of water
  3. For best dispersion, add Smart Shield in front of pool return line.
  4. Run the pump daily for proper circulation.
  5. For larger pools, add 16 fl oz per 1,000 sq ft of surface area or 30,000 gal of pool water once per month