BioGuard Power Floc (1 Quart)

Power Floc

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- Advanced pool settling agent
- Clears excessively cloudy water
- Settles suspended particles to the bottom of your pool

BioGuard Power Floc is highly effective at restoring water clarity by combining small particles( that cause cloudiness, haze and water discoloration) into large particles. These particles quickly drop to the bottom of the pool so they can easily be vacuumed.  Power Floc will not effect pH and works with all pool types, water sanitizing programs and filter types.

Product Dosage

- 8 fl oz per 10,000 gallons

- For extremely cloudy pools(cannot see the drain in the deep part of pool) use double the normal dosage. 


- For Cloudy Water

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Check filter and backwash or clean filter if necessary.
  3. Adjust pH to 7.5- 8.0 for best results.
  4. Remove skimmer basket and any product in the skimmer.
  5. Pour Power Floc slowly into skimmer with the pump on and filter valve in RECIRCULATE or WHIRLPOOL position.  (For filters without recirculate position: backwash, then with filter in FILTER position, dilute Power Floc into large plastic pail of water(8 fl oz of Power Floc per 1 gallon of water, always add Power Floc to water, never water to Power Floc) and apply evenly over surface of pool. 
  6. Replace skimmer basket after applying Power Floc
  7. Allow pump to circulate water for 2 hours to distribute Power Floc throughout the pool.
  8. Shut off pump.  Let Power Floc settle debris to bottom while pool remains undisturbed for 12 to 24 hours(usually overnight) NOTE: the greater the debris in the water, the faster Power Floc works.  For extremely cloudy pools(cannot see the drain in the deep part of pool) use double the normal dosage. 
  9. VACUUM TO WASTE all settle debris with filter in WASTE or DRAIN mode.  NOTE: Settling may continue for several days if new debris is introduced by wind or rain.  If so, vacuum to WASTE again.  DO NOT VACUUM DEBRIS THROUGH FILTER. 
  10. Backwash and clean filter with BioGuard Kleen-It and resume normal filter cycle. 
  11. Check pH and re-adjust if needed to 7.2-7.6

- For Water With Algae 

  1. Power Floc will not kill algae but facilitates the removal of dead algae after treatment.
  2. After the algae treatment is complete per the algae treatment's label directions, follow steps 1 through 9 as previously stated for "CLOUDY WATER"