BioGuard Pool Magnet Plus (1 Quart 946 ml)

Pool Magnet Plus

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- Liquid sequestrate agent and stain remover 
- Prevents stains caused by metals
- Can remove some fresh metal stains 

BioGuard Pool Magnet Plus is a concentrated chelating agent that ties up metals (iron, copper, and manganese).  This product removes fresh stains and prevents staining due to metals. Use this product monthly for swimming pools with metal-containing fill water. This product should be used in chlorine or bromine treated pools only.

Product Quantity

- Net Contents: 1 Quart (946 ml)

- 1 quart of this product per 10,000 gallons


Prevention of Stains:

  1. To treat for metals in pool water, backwash filter
  2. Allow pump to run continuously during treatment
  3. If the total amount of metals present exceeds 1.0 ppm, also use BioGuard Sparkle-Up Filter Aid to assist in metal removal
  4. Use 1 quart of this product per 10,000 gallons. Maximum recommended dose is 3 quarts per 10,000 gallons
  5. Add directly to the pool in the area of any localized metal stains
  6. Some temporary clouding my occur
  7. Clean or backwash filter as indicated by pressure build-up
  8. Never allow filter pressure to exceed the limit established by the manufacture

Maintenance Dose:

  1. When make-up water of tap water contains metals 
  2. Add 3 fl oz of this product per each 1,000 gallons of water addd to the pool

Removal Of Fresh Stains:

  1. Many fresh metallic stains can be removed by the action of this product
  2. Turn circulation off for 8 hours
  3. Slowly, and as close to the surface of the water as possible, pour one to three quarts(depending on severity of stains) of this product directly in hte area of the stain
  4. Do not swim or operate pump for 24 hours
  5. After the waiting period turn the pump on, circulate water continuously for 5 to 7 days
  6. Brush the pool daily 
  7. Use BioGuard Sparkle-Up in the filter to remove re-dissolved metals
  8. Repeat treatment for large metal stains (For white plaster pools where large metal stains have aged into the pools surface, draining and acid-washing is recommenced.  Consult your BioGuard dealer regarding this procedure.  

**This product is great for removing any metals that are in suspension. This product is great for binding metals together creating a bigger particle for your filter to capture and remove after backwashing.  If you have an existing stain try a vitamin C tablet on a section of the stain.  If this works I'd recommend are citric acid products such as Stain Free.  (Also note that after using Stain Free or any citric acid this puts the metals into suspension so then you can combine Pool Magnet Plus with it to remove the metals.)