BioGuard Optimizer Plus (8lb)


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- Long-lasting Algae suppressant
- Improves water quality making it feel softer 

**note this is the "Plus" version of Optimizer, which will also increase your pH.  This products pH increaser is 250% stronger than soda ash and 50% stronger than Balance Pak 200.  The "Plus" version of Optimizer is no longer being produced and what we have left in stock is all thats left.  

BioGuard Optimizer Plus is a unique pol care product that suppresses algae growth and improves water quality.  This product helps create clear swimming pool water and leave water soft and soothing. This product works for pools using chlorinating, brominating, and biguanide sanitizing systems. Optimizer Plus is stable in pool water and is not degraded by sunlight.

Product Dosage

- Initial Application   

  • Add 2 lb of this product per 1,000 gallons of pool water (This gives approximately a 35 ppm residual) 

- Maintenance Application 

  • This product is stable in pool water and not degraded by sunlight. The primary loss of this product is through slash out, backwashing and dilution from heavy rains.  Therefore once the initial application is made, minor and infrequent additions would be all that is required unless a substantial amount of water is drained form the pool.  Monthly testing by your BioGuard dealer is important to determine if our Optimizer Plus product level is in acceptable range.  


  1. Clean and backwash filter following manufacture's directions
  2. Balance your water and adjust pH between 7.2-7.6
  3. Add 2 lb of this product per 1,000 gallons of pool water
  4. broadcasting the product over the surface of the pool with the pump running
  5. BioGuard recommends this initial treatment should be added in three doses with one third of the required amount being added each application
  6. Brush any undissolved product form the bottom of the pool 
  7. The pH of the pool water will rise as a normal reaction to the introduction of this product
  8. One hour after each application, adjust the pH to 7.2-7.6 with BioGuard Lo 'N Slo, allow at least 8 hours between the application of this product


–100% Sodium Tetraborate Pentahydrate