BioGuard Kleen It (1 Quart)

Kleen It

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- Powerful cleaning agent 
- Removes scale, rust, and deposits from D.E. Cartridge and Sand Filters.
- Soak or spray application 

BioGuard Kleen It removes scale, rust/metals, deposits, grease, oil, and dirt from DE, cartridge and sand filters. This means lower maintenance costs, longer filter cycles, cleaner water, and better filtration. Kleen It can also be used to clean spas, outdoor furniture, pool equipment, vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces.   


Sand Filters and Some D.E. Filters 

  1. Thoroughly backwash filter
  2. Turn pump off
  3. Pour 1 quart of this product into pump strainer (Not in skimmer)
  4. With filter in backwash position, turn pump on until it primes and the red color is gone
  5. Immediately turn pump off and close valves
  6. Allow to soak 12-24 hours
  7. Backwash after soaking to remove this product from filter
  8. When discharge turns from red to clear, return to normal operation.

D.E and Cartridge Filters

  1. Remove elements from filter 
  2. rinse off debris and soak overnight in a clean plastic bucket containing 1 quart of this product per 5 gallons of water
  3. Clean and rinse thoroughly with water
  4. Replace elements and resume normal operation 

Preventative Maintenance Treatments

  1. This product should be used at least once a season to control scale, rust and remove buildup of oils and greases 
  2. Use Strip Kwik at least once a season to remove buildup of oils and greases. 

Net Contents:

1 Quart (.94 L)