Balance PAK 300 Calcium

Balance PAK 300 Calcium

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- For raising calcium hardness levels
- Protects pool equipment from corrosion, plaster etching and wrinkling of liners
- Dissolves quickly

BioGuard Balance Pak 300 is a calcium hardness increaser that has a unique palletized formulation for faster dissolving and less cloudiness. This product increases calcium hardness levels to help prevent corrosion on equipment, etching of plaster, wrinkling of liners, and staining.  Plaster etched by low calcium hardness can become abrasive and uncomfortable for swimmers. Rough plaster also increases algae problems and makes cleaning more difficult. It is important to keep your pool water balanced in order to get the most effective use out of your chemicals.

**Low calcium from unbalanced pool water can cause a white chalk like substance that can be whipped off your pool wall creating a cloud.  This is actually from unbalanced pool water pulling calcium from your pool walls. 

Product Dosage

1 lb per 10,000 will raise calcium hardness 10 ppm.


  1. Calcium Hardness in pool water should be maintained in the 200-400 ppm range
  2. Apply over surface area with pump running
  3. Do not pre-dissolve. Heat is generated when the product contacts water
  4. Add 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons top increase calcium hardness 10 ppm
  5. Use pool brush to brush any un-dissolved granules off pool surfaces


–100% Calcium Chloride