Water Freshener

Water Freshener

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-Eliminates odors 
-Freshens the water
-Suitable for all sanitizers

SpaGuard Water Freshener eliminates odors in spa and hot tub water.  It is chlorine and bromine tolerate, so it stays active longer.  

Product Dosage

- 2 capfuls per 100 gallons or 1 tablespoon per 100 gallons 


  • Use the container cap as a convenient measure
  • Add 2 capfuls or 1 tablespoon or SpaGuard Water Freshener per 100 gallons of water
  • Pour directly into water with pump running
  • Repeat this dose as needed

- Spa Maintenance Tips:

  • Test spa water a minimum of once a week
  • keep water pH between 7.2 and 7.6
  • keep total alkalinity at 100 ppm - 150 ppm and calcium hardness at 150-300 ppm 
  • Refill residential spas and hot tubs every 60 days.  heavy use commercial spas every 4 days, and normal use commercial spas every 8 days
  • Clean and backwash filter with SpaGuard Filter Cleaner & Degreaser a minimum of every 60 days
  • At refill time, clean spa surfaces with SpaGuard Surface Cleaner 

- Note: This product should never be used to cover any odor resulting form improper use of chemical treatment or improper maintenance.