SpaGuard Water Clarifier (1 Pint)

Water Clarifier

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- Premium formula, highly concentrated water clarifier
- Clear cloudy water and improves filtration
- For Spas & Hot tubs

SpaGuard Water Clarifier makes water clear and sparkling by improving filter efficiency without affecting pH.  Cloudy water is often caused by small particles not removed by the filter.  SpaGuard Water Clarifier aids the filter in removing these particles, restoring water clarity. 


- 2 Tablespoons per 300 gallons; 4 Capfuls per 300 gallons; 1 oz per 300 gallons 


  1. Clean or backwash filter and pump strainer 
  2. Add 2 Tablespoons of 4 capfuls of SpaGuard Water Clarifier per 300 gallons of water.  Pour directly into water with pump running
  3. Clean or backwash filter if pressure reaches maximum suggested by manufacturer
  4. Repeat treatment if water has not cleared after 24 hours of continuous filtration
  5. Clean filter after each use of clarifier 

Weekly Maintenance 

  1. To keep your water sparkling clear, apply SpaGuard Water Clarifier at a rate of 1 fl oz per 300 gallons of pool spa each week