SpaGuard Spa Silken (2lb)

Spa Silken

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View Optimizer as are substitute product

- Long-lasting algae suppressant 
- Improves water quality and softens spa water
- if you've used Optimizer for your pool and love it, then this is the product for you

SpaGuard Spa Silken works with spa water treatment programs to improve the feel and clarity of the water and suppresses algae growth.  It enhances soaker comfort by providing soft, clear, silky water.  It is especially effective with chlorinated and brominated spas and hot tubs.  This product works for pools using chlorinating, brominating, and biguanide sanitizing systems

Product Dosage / Directions 

Initial Application  

  1. Apply 10 ounces or 1.25 cups of SpaGuard Spa Silken for each 200 gallons of spa water
  2. The application of SpaGuard Spa Silken will cause the pH of your water to increase
  3. It will be necessary to also apply pH Decreaser to properly balance the pH of your spa water as part of the application of SpaGuard Spa Silken
  4. For each 10 ounces of 1.25 cups of this product 5 ounces of pH Decreaser will be needed( Unless you already have low pH before applying this product, so yes use this product as an algae stat and pH increaser)

Maintenance Application 

  1. The sequence of the application if 1/2 of the SpaGuard Spa Silken total dosage, all of the pH Decreaser dosage followed by the remaining of the SpaGuard Spa Silken total dosage
  2. All applications should be done with the circulation pump operating
  3. Each product is sprinkled into the area of water with the most agitation
  4. After each addition of product, be sure any undissolved granules are brushed off spa surfaces
  5. Allow the water to circulate for 15 minutes between each application and for 20to 30 minutes following the last application 
  6. Spa use my resume once this circulation time is finished  


    –100% Sodium Tetraborate Pentahydrate