SpaGuard Filter Cleaner

Filter Cleaner

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- Powerful cleaning agent 
- Removes Body oils, dirt, grime and scale from spa filters
- Lengthens filter cycle 

SpaGuard Filter Cleaner removes grease, oils, and dirt form spa cartridge filters. This means lower maintenance costs, longer filter cycles, cleaner water, and better filtration. Can also be used just to spray down a filer or by soaking. 


Cartridge Filters

  1. Remove filter elements and remove excess debris with garden hose with a pressure nozzle
  2. Spray this product directly onto the filter and allow to soak for 15 minutes.  Light brushing may be required for heavy oil, dirt or scale accumulation.  As an alternative, place the cartridge into a solution of 1 part of this product mixed with 3 parts water. Allow to soak for 1 hour
  3. Rinse elements clean with maximum garden hose pressure
  4. Re-assemble filter and resume normal operation
  5. Spa and hot tub filters should be leaned every 4 to 6 weeks using SpaGuard Filter Cleaner

Net Contents:

1 Quart (.94 L)