BioGuard Off The Wall (24 fl oz)

Off The Wall 24oz

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Product Description

- Heavy duty acidic surface cleaner(Non-abrasive)
- Removes scale build up along water line
- Compatible with pool or spa water chemistry

BioGuard Off The Wall Surface Cleaner allows you to efficiently remove scale, dirt, and stains on most types of pool and spa surfaces including vinyl, fiberglass, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum and painted surfaces. This product is specifically formulated for compatibility with swimming pool and spa water. The new gel formula is 10x thicker and 2x faster at penetrating scale deposits than the previous one! Off The Wall Surface Cleaner is designed to be a long-lasting cleaner, so fewer re-applications are needed.


    1. Apply with a damp cloth, sponge or brush and scrub at water level. Off The Wall clings to vertical surfaces for easier cleaning.
    2. Allow Off the Wall to work on deposits for a few minutes, then scrub with a wet cloth, sponge or soft vinyl brush.
    3. Rinse well after cleaning

- Off The Wall may be used to clean entire surface of spa when unit is drained. Rinse surfaces thoroughly before refilling spa.